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The Early Stages

In the early stages of counselling we will work with you to establish a sense of safety and trust. Where you can feel secure to openly share your story, without judgement or condition.

We encourage you to be curious, to lean into sensations that have perhaps felt uncomfortable or even overwhelming before. We notice, reflect, gently wonder and ‘sit alongside’ you as you observe and discover new aspects to your experiences with yourself and others.

We know that things can feel more difficult before they begin to improve. It can feel exposing. frightening, confusing, unknown, and ‘heavy’ in the depths of the work. Our bodies respond acutely to emotional pain, and it is not unusual to feel physically tired at the same time. You may even feel that you want therapy to end. At times there may be no words to communicate what is happening inside, and that is okay, we will find a way, together.

Rewrite the Narrative

You may even feel stuck, perhaps between the way known but no longer wanted, and the way forward that is unknown and beyond your comfort zone. Or perhaps you just don’t know. Becoming open to not knowing is part of the process, it is a sign of change.

In time, you can learn to re-write your narrative, but only once the full story is known. Only then can we make sense, find new ways forward and separate our past, present and future. This takes patience and is not a linear process. It is often ‘messy’, because we are human and there is no simple, one-stop solution to finding ‘our truth’. It is likely that you will mourn lived losses and so recognise and consider new possibilities in the lighter space that is healing.

Potential to Empower

We begin to see ourselves differently, there is light and possibility towards the end. In therapy, we encourage you to ‘test’ out new ways of being, consider alternative viewpoints and listen to yourself. Because you know the answers.

You will know when it is time to end, there will be signs of healing. You are likely to have learnt to recognise your triggers and have developed an ability to replace unhealthy coping strategies with more helpful, healthier ones. You will probably have noticed you return to your normal state more quickly after a stressful experience. Perhaps you recognise feeling less shame and guilt, you are likely to notice feeling more settled and secure in your relationships. Asking for help and expressing yourself are all indications of a growing awareness of your emotional needs.

Counselling has the potential to empower, develop inner strength and encourage resilience. We believe it offers you a route to connecting with your true self, the person you were destined to be.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place”

Paulo Coelho

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