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We want you to feel safe sharing whatever is on your mind

Do expect us to be reliably available to you at a consistent and regular time. We will plan together a time and day that is convenient to both of us. If we need to cancel a therapy session with you we will give you as much notice as possible and aim to offer you an alternative time – wherever we have some flexibility.

All counselling sessions are different, this is because each therapist and client have a unique relational fit, so there is no absolute formula for how counselling sessions will unfold. This could be due to why you are considering therapy; it may be that you are stuck processing some particular event, or perhaps you have been experiencing emotional malaise for some time.

It’s entirely normal to feel a whole myriad of feelings before coming to your first session. Whilst you may experience some excitement at the prospect of a new relationship, it’s also quite natural to feel anxious about talking to someone you barely know, or even that you’d rather not come to your session at all. We are ready for you, expect us to understand your nerves and feelings, we will try our best to help to soothe you and help you to feel comfortable.

Our Work Together

We want you to feel safe sharing whatever is on your mind. Expect us to explain confidentiality to you, as well as our legal responsibility and duty to explain the laws around when we might need to break confidentiality with you – to keep everyone safe.

We aren’t perfect, do expect us to make mistakes sometimes, if we do we will make every effort to repair our work so no lasting damage occurs. We have often found valuable elements about our work together can be uncovered in these moments.

Don’t expect us to judge your behaviour or emotional experience. We want to understand how events have and are affecting you. Sometimes you may not even understand how you are feeling about a situation, you may have a favourite ‘go-to’ feeling, and it may take time to gently unpick and figure out all the connected deeper emotions.

We won’t give you advice, we are curious to help you to figure out what your perspective is and what you would like to do about a situation. If you are in the midst of a dilemma we will encourage you by finding ways to help empower you, so you build the confidence to find and follow your own authentic path.

We Will Help You Pace Your Sessions

Counselling can feel messy, you may be exploring emotions that you may not have attended to before, so do anticipate that it may feel worse before it begins to get better. We will help you to pace your sessions, so you don’t go too deep too quickly and feel overwhelmed by what you’re experiencing. However, feeling difficult emotions is usually a sign that you’re excavating important  elements of yourself.

You may come to therapy wanting to process a current event in your life. Do expect us to follow this thread and help you to process what’s coming up for you. During your sessions, a pattern could begin to emerge, in this case it’s natural for us to be curious about understanding you, and how what you have experienced in the past possibly shaped how you are today. In this case we are not seeking to attribute blame or convince you to sever relationships but aiming to explore possibilities about the potential roots of your developing issue.

Ending therapy is as important as starting therapy, don’t expect us to drop you unexpectedly, we will mutually plan how we will finish working together at a time that we sense is right, so the ending feels a meaningful conclusion to your therapeutic journey.

“Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need. To talk about how you’re feeling. To have the hard conversations.”

Brene Brown

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